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Search Of Florida Man's Butt Turns Up Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Pills And Weed

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – Heroin, cocaine, pills, crack and marijuana were found hidden inside a man’s butt after a traffic stop, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said they pulled over Derick McKay, 36, around 9 a.m. Thursday for speeding and not wearing a seat belt. He appeared to be nervous and smelled of marijuana so he was ordered out of the vehicle as deputies investigated further, the affidavit said.

A search revealed McKay’s license was suspended for the fifth time since 2008, according to the report.

During a pat-down, deputies said they felt a bulge on McKay’s rear and he seemed to be clenching and refused to release, even when warned he could face a charge of introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.

McKay said he was out on bond for a sale of narcotics charge and would only remove the drugs from his body if he could be assured his bond wouldn’t be revoked, according to the affidavit.

Authorities said it wasn’t until McKay was about to be booked into jail that he agreed to remove the drugs.

The large bag contained smaller bags filled with 12 Lortab pills, 12 oxycodone pills, 3.5 grams of heroin, 9.1 grams of cocaine, 1.1 grams of crack cocaine, 2.4 grams of marijuana and 1.9 grams of molly, records show.

He also had $400 in his front pocket.

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