Florida Woman Has Sex With Baby Daddy Then Tries To Stab Him To Death

July 1, 2019



This is baby momma drama but at a Florida level.


According to an arrest affidavit, the man had just finished having sex with Nunez and was asleep when Nunez answered a call on his cellphone from his girlfriend in California.


After his girlfriend questioned why his “baby’s mother” was at his apartment, the man confronted Nunez about answering his phone.


Nunez didn’t take it well.


“F— you,” she told him, according to the report. “You are a f—ing whore. I’m going to kill you today.”


Nunez then put their 11-month-old baby in a stroller, grabbed a large knife from the kitchen and chased the man into the bedroom, police said.


The man tried to keep Nunez out, but she kicked open the door, so he ran into the bathroom and locked himself inside, police said.


Nunez continued to kick and stab at the door while yelling, “I will kill you,” police said.


Once Nunez forced her way inside the bathroom, the man tried to grab the knife from her, eventually twisting it out of her hand and tossing it behind a nightstand, police said. He then got on top of Nunez, restraining her until police arrived.


Nunez was arrested and booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where she was being held without bond.


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