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Florida Deputy Resigns After Showing Up Drunk To Children's Event

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A Charlotte County deputy resigned after investigators said he showed up drunk to a Sheriff's Office sponsored children's event.

Joshua Muse admitted he made a mistake, but hopes this incident can be a learning moment for deputies at the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office.

In an interview with Muse, he said he went out with his wife for their anniversary before the event the following morning on May 11.

An incident report says Muse told deputies they were up celebrating until around 5 in the morning. However, he disputes the report, saying he came home around 2 a.m.

The event, The Sheriff's Explorers, started at 1 p.m. It's for kids between 14 and 19 and there are projects featuring safety, training, and service.

During the event, documents say Muse was wearing a Charlotte County Sheriff's Office T-shirt, and had his issued handgun holstered to his waistband with his radio and badge.

Muse said other deputies claimed he had slurred words, but he said he just felt groggy.

Muse admitted he had 5 beers and several mixed drinks the night before, but felt fine in the morning.

He said in the incident report a breathalyzer test provided readings that were 3 times the legal limit, around .24.

Muse wishes deputies made him perform a field sobriety test so he could prove he was functional, but the report claims he showed physical signs of intoxication, which he denies.

Muse said other deputies can learn from this mistake he made, claiming many deputies often party at night, drinking more than him, and show up for work the next day.

Before his resignation, the sheriff's office said Muse was placed on administrative leave with pay.

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