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Florida Man Trying To Impress Random Cam Girl Kills Entire Family

A Florida man accused of killing his family after stealing $200,000 to fund a depraved online relationship with a Bulgarian camgirl sent her sex toys and clothing that she wore in raunchy snaps and videos she sent back to him, new records show.

The files — released Wednesday by the Seminole-Brevard State Attorney’s Office and obtained by The Post — contain dozens of pornographic images and videos from a flash drive seized by authorities investigating the relationship between Grant Amato, 29, and camgirl Silviya Ventsislavova, before Amato’s parents and brother were found dead in their Chuluota home on Jan 25.

In one image, a manicured hand holds a sex toy, while another shows Ventsislavova wearing a G-string with her rump turned to the lens.

The trove of data also contained text messages between the pair, as well as a hand-written note that “Silvie” sent Amato in December, records show.

“Smile, my light!” read the note, which was punctuated with a kiss in red lipstick. “You make me happy!”

The records released Wednesday contain dozens of images of Silviya Ventsislavova sent Amato last year.Seminole-Brevard State Attorney's Office

In one text exchange, Amato asked Ventsislavova how her “crazy” body functioned on such little sleep.

Two minutes later, she asked how Amato felt being back home before sending a link featuring her at, the records reveal.

“With this link … it feels even better now,” Amato replied. “I can’t wait to f–king watch you be super innocent in those tempting panties.”

Amato then added: “But I’m so happy to be back. It just feels right.”

Ventsislavova then told Amato “you can watch it” before adding a shrugging emoji.

The records also contain a Jan. 4 note detailing an ultimatum given to Amato by his parents, Chad and Margaret Amato, mandating that he immediately end his “preoccupation” with Ventsislavova, get a job and repay the $200,000 he owed his family.

Silviya VentsislavovaSeminole-Brevard State Attorney's Office

“But family does not expect this possibility,” according to the note, which also gave Amato the option of joining the military, particularly the Air Force.

The two-page note, which was marked up with a yellow highlighter, also warned that Amato could expect no more financial help from his family if he failed to meet the obligations.

“This is a promise — you better heed the warning — it’s real,” the note read.

Three weeks later, the bodies of Amato’s parents, as well as his brother Cody, were found shot to death in their home after Chad Amato discovered Grant was still talking with Ventsislavova, leading to a fight at the family’s home, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Grant Amato, who has pleaded not guilty in what police have called “execution-style” shootings of his family, remains held on $750,000. A judge has barred him from using funds from his parents’ estate for his bond, leading him to seek out a kind-hearted millionaire who might get him out of jail.

Amato’s trial is expected to start in July. If convicted on three counts of premeditated first-degree murder, he could face the death penalty, the Sentinel reports.

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