Suspected Meth Lord Voluntarily Tells Police He Buried A Body In His Back Yard

April 16, 2019


An Orange County homeowner says he “made a bad decision” when he buried a man behind his house. 


Officials with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said a body was found Sunday in the yard of a home on Glasgow Avenue, in the Doctor Phillips area.


Homeowner Greg Palermo said a friend of his who lived at the home on and off died of a drug overdose. Palermo said he was scared and buried him in the backyard.


“He jokingly said that morning while we were fishing that he wouldn’t mind being buried in my backyard because it’s so pretty," Palermo said.


"I made a bad decision because I was scared."


The body was identified Tuesday as Brandon Boone, 27. 


Palermo claimed he was scared because he'd previously been arrested on a drug charge.


When asked how law enforcement knew to look in his backyard for the body, Palermo said police had a warrant to search his house for drugs. It was while investigators were there that Palermo told them about the body.


“How did law enforcement know about it. I told them they came here because they thought I was a manufacturer of meth and I don't do that,” Palermo said.


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